healthy smiling girlAs parents, we all want the best for our child’s health – and that includes their teeth! As dentists, we encourage all parents to start bringing their children in for dental check-ups as soon as they get baby teeth or by the age of 1. It may seem early, but starting healthy habits and routines from this age have proven to encourage positive feelings about the dentist and create habits that last a lifetime.

Watch and Learn

One of the best ways to encourage good dental health in your kids is to show them. Children often learn best by watching their parents or peers. Taking the time to brush daily for at least two minutes each time in front of your children will show them that this is an important part of our day to maintain healthy teeth. In fact, you can start doing this in front of your babies and they may start mimicking you as early as 6 months of age!

Meet with a Pediatric Dentist

As we mentioned, scheduling your child’s first dental appointment early, even as early as age one, can trigger a lifetime of good dental habits. At Empire Dental, we’d love to meet your family and care for your child’s teeth. Our team is committed to creating a positive environment so your kids learn to love their dentists instead of fearing them. We even have appointment options for the entire family all in one day!

Focus on Nutrition

Good dental health doesn’t just mean brushing and flossing. Eating a nutritious diet and getting exercise also have huge impacts on your children’s teeth. Eliminating most sugar from your family’s diet and focusing on highly nutritious fruits and vegetables will help your child’s teeth become stronger and healthier. A diet high in sugar will lead to frequent cavities, tooth decay, and even severe gum issues. You can make this more fun for your child by letting them help pick out colorful fruits and vegetables the next time you are at the store, or making smoothies from fruit and milk instead of buying sugary frozen treats.

A Healthy Childhood Leads to a Healthy Life

Our team at Empire Dental loves encouraging families to become healthier in every aspect of their lives! From diet and exercise to brushing and flossing – every aspect of health goes hand in hand! As family dentists in the San Antonio area, we would love to become your family’s dental provider. Schedule an appointment today for the whole family and let us help you pack your health toolkit full of great things!

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