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Regular dental cleanings aren’t just good for your oral health, but for your pocketbook as well. Seeing a dentist twice per year can help you avoid costly treatments down the road.

Empire Dental is a family-friendly dentist office located in San Antonio, Texas! Our professional team is excited to meet your dental needs. We offer the best in dental technology and are now offering all new patients an initial exam, cleaning, and set of x-rays, for just $59.

Our dentists recommend a visit every 6 months to maintain good dental health. During a routine appointment, our licensed hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth, remove plaque and tartar, and refresh the smile underneath! Then, our dentist will review your x-rays and examine your mouth for signs of gingivitis and other dental problems. Regular exams help ensure you don’t have a dental emergency later.

Cavity Treatment & Prevention

No one wants a cavity. Thankfully, when you see your dentist on a regular basis, you are set up to combat tooth decay as best as you can be. Our entire team is committed to educating patients on best practices when it comes to cavity prevention. While you can do everything you can to prevent a cavity, getting one is normal. Our excellent dentists are here to help treat your cavity in a relaxing and pain-free environment.

Typically, dentists will treat a cavity with a composite filling, as this is the quickest way to stop tooth decay in its tracks. Our team will make sure the procedure is pain-free by numbing the area surrounding the tooth. As long as the cavity has not compromised the integrity of the entire tooth, the dentist will remove the decayed portion, and “fill” it. If the tooth is completely compromised, or the cavity has grown beyond the filling boundary, we may recommend a different treatment.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Perhaps the most important part of routine visits is the oral cancer screening. While not required, our team recommends an oral cancer screening during each routine visit. This screening is done by the dentist and is usually very quick. Our dentist will examine your mouth, throat, and neck for any signs or concerns that may indicate oral cancer. Early intervention and treatment for oral cancers are the best way to set yourself up for a good outcome.

Get Started With a $59 Exam, Cleaning & X-Ray

Empire Dental is a modern dental office in San Antonio with the latest dental technology, and we’re now accepting new patients. We also offer specialty services, like cosmetic dentistry.

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